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Event notifications

Proton Calendar can send you reminders (notifications) to alert you about upcoming events. There are two kinds of notifications:

  • Push notifications — banners or other notifications that appear in your desktop browser or on your mobile device (Android and iOS)
  • Email notifications — emails that are sent to your inbox

Here we explain how to receive push notifications that appear on your desktop browser:

How to enable desktop notifications
How to disable desktop notifications

How to enable desktop notifications

Proton Calendar supports browser notifications in all popular modern desktop browsers.

To receive browser notifications, you must be logged in to the Proton Calendar web app(new window).

When you first log in to window), you’ll see a browser message asking if you want to allow notifications.

If you dismiss this browser pop-up, we’ll continue to show a banner at the top of the web app asking your permission to enable desktop notifications.

If you dismiss this banner (click X to the right of the banner), it will disappear and we won’t ask again.

Once you allow desktop notifications for Proton Calendar, the next time you receive a new message, you will see a notification pop up in the lower right corner of your screen:

Chrome Calendar notification

Or via your Operating System’s built-in notification service:


Windows notification


macOS notification

Linux and Chrome OS show similar notifications.

To check if notifications are allowed for an individual site, plus the option to allow or block them as desired, click the padlock icon on the left of your browser’s URL address bar.


Firefox notifications

Chrome, Chromium, Edge Chromium, and Brave

Chrome notifications 3


Safari works slightly differently. Go to Preferences Websites tab → Notifications.

Safari notifications

How to disable desktop notifications

The instructions above allow you to enable and disable notifications on a per-site basis. You can also review all sites that have permission to display browser notifications or turn off all browser notifications altogether.


Go to Preferences Privacy & SecurityPermissions Settings.

Firefox permissions

Chrome and Brave

Go to Settings Privacy and securitySite settingsPermissions Notifications.

Chrome permissions

The options to block all notifications or to select Use quieter messaging (which blocks notification prompts from interrupting you) are available at the top of the page.

Edge Chromium is very similar, except go to Settings → click the hamburger menu to the right of Settings → Site permissionsNotifications.

Instructions for managing notifications in Safari are above.

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