Proton Mail sending limits

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Blocking and abuse

Sending limits help to protect Proton Mail’s IP reputation and ensure all messages sent from Proton Mail(new window) are delivered to your recipient’s inbox — not their spam folder

  • If you are on a Proton Free plan, you have a sending limit of 50 emails an hour, and a total of 150 emails per day
  • If you are on a paid plan, your sending limit will change based on the reputation of your Proton Mail account (explained below). However, the maximum number of recipients you can add to an email is 100. 

Ten recipients (any email address added to To, CC, and BCC fields) for an email counts as 10 unique emails. 

Keep in mind that Proton Mail is not designed for bulk mailing and that sending spam is a violation of Proton Mail’s terms and conditions(new window), making your account subject to review and possible termination.

Please also note that the sending limit does not affect inbound mails (which are unlimited). 

Sending limit warnings

Hourly limits

There are two possible hourly limits that you can reach. Once the limit is reached, please wait for one hour before sending again.

  • Hourly external limit reached
  • Hourly external BCC sending limit reached

Daily limits

  • Daily external limit reached
  • Daily external BCC sending limit reached

Spam detection warning

In addition to hourly and daily sending limits, Proton Mail uses a smart spam detection system to immediately halt sending from suspicious accounts. 

  • You are temporarily banned from sending because of spammy or undeliverable emails

You will be unable to send from your account for up to 48 hours (at our discretion). If you continue to receive this warning, your account will go under review for suspension.

If you believe you have received this warning in error, please fill in our bug report form(new window).

How account reputation affects your sending limit

In special cases, some accounts may have a lower sending limit than the default. For example, if you have a new email address that hasn’t built up a good reputation yet.

Until the account builds up a good reputation, we recommend you avoid sending email in bulk and using the BCC option too often.


A combination of factors can affect your sending limits. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you avoid hitting the limits:

  • Start using your email address — the more you use it, the higher your sending limits will become.
  • Encourage your friends to join Proton Mail — sending emails to other Proton Mail addresses has much higher sending limits. 
  • Don’t send spam — ensure you are only sending to individuals you know or are expecting an email from you.
  • Avoid sending to undeliverable addresses.
  • Avoid excessive use of BCC.
  • Ensure all account information is up-to-date in your account settings.

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