What the different invoice statuses mean

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Payments and invoices

Paid users receive a new invoice whenever they activate, renew or cancel their subscription. The invoices you receive will have different statuses depending on the action you have (or have not) taken.

This article will explain what each of these statuses means.

Invoice statuses

Your invoice could have one of the following statuses:


What this means: You currently have an outstanding bill with Proton Mail. These invoices are delivered at the end of your previous paid membership period. You will generally receive these invoices when you renew your paid plan.

If you do not pay an invoice within 14 days of the date it was issued, you are delinquent (or behind in your payments). This means you will no longer be able to access your data in your Proton Mail account.

Action required: You will need to pay any unpaid invoices within 14 days of their issue date to ensure uninterrupted use of Proton Mail. 

Learn how to download and pay your invoices(new window).

Learn more about delinquency(new window)


What this means: When you pay an invoice, its status will switch to Paid. This means you are current with your Proton Mail plan.

Action required: No action is required as this invoice is already resolved. Paid invoices are purely for record keeping purposes.


What this means: You do not need to pay this invoice. If you cancel your subscription to a paid plan after a new invoice is issued, that invoice will become Void. We will then issue a new Unpaid invoice that is prorated for the amount of time your account was active before you canceled it.

Action required: No action is required as this invoice is already resolved. Void invoices are purely for record keeping purposes.

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