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Proton Mail Reviews 2018

List of Proton Mail Secure Email Reviews (updated 2022)

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On this page, you can find a full list of reviews of Proton Mail’s Secure Email service

Since our launch in 2014, Proton Mail has attracted significant interest from news outlets and technical professionals as the first secure email service with end-to-end encryption. This page contains an updated list of independent reviews to make it easier for users to assess our service and to share reviews with others. We’re also happy to link back to the reviewers who have taken the time to independently review Proton Mail (we do not pay or otherwise compensate reviewers).

For a more technical review of Proton Mail and why our encryption architecture offers more security and privacy compared to convention email providers such as Gmail, you can check out our Proton Mail vs Gmail security comparison(new window).

Proton Mail Reviews

Founder Andy Yen spoke with Inverse about Proton Mail’s quest to “de-Google-fy your life.” You can read that article here(new window), where they wrote: “For anyone who doesn’t want Google crawlers scanning their email text in order to serve up relevant ads, Proton Mail might prove to be a hospitable home.” 

“Proton Mail is setting the standard for email privacy,” wrote VentureBeat in a lengthy feature story(new window). They went on to highlight the key difference between Proton Mail and Gmail: “With Proton Mail, you own and control your data, whereas at Google your data is the currency with which you ‘pay’ for its services.”

Gizmodo writes that Proton Mail “is often favoured for its sleek design and strong security features” in its review of four encrypted email providers(new window).

The Guardian asked, “What’s the best email service that doesn’t scan emails for ad targeting?” They dubbed Proton Mail(new window) as “one of the most privacy-conscious email services.”

In LifeWire’s review of the 5 Best Services for Secure Email(new window), Proton Mail came in first place. LifeWire stated that “The most important feature when talking about any encrypted email service is whether or not other people can get a hold of your messages, and the answer is a solid no when it comes to Proton Mail since it features end-to-end encryption.” You can also read a dedicated Proton Mail review by LifeWire here(new window).

The New York Times writes that “Proton Mail looks like a typical email app — except that all emails sent and received through it are encrypted.” You can read Proton Mail’s mention in the New York Times here(new window)The Times also mentioned(new window) Proton Mail in a list of “secure, private services.”

Security expert Edward N. Kiledjian thoroughly reviewed our security and usability features, ending his review with “I love Protonmail and am moving my private email address there”. Read the whole piece here(new window).

Forbes praises Proton Mail’s business model as “an alternative to the ad-based revenue model of free services like Gmail which actively scan your emails to deliver relevant ads to you online.” In the Forbes article “10 powerful apps to help manage your email like a boss(new window)“, Proton Mail came in second place because Proton Mail “offers great data security and a clean, modern and user-friendly interface”.

Make Use Of did a comprehensive comparison between Gmail and Proton Mail by touching on all the important differences between the two services. As they put it, “Of all the best free email services out there, Gmail and Proton Mail sit at the top: one for convenience, one for privacy. Proton Mail is the most secure free email service right now, and we recommend it for anyone fearful of data breaches.” You can read the full comparison here(new window).

In the Huffington Post’s coverage of Proton Mail, they write that “[Proton Mail’s] security measures are intense: end-to-end encryption and user authentication protocols so rigorous even the creators can’t read user emails.” The full article can be found here(new window).

TechCrunch calls Proton Mail(new window) an “easy to get a secure email account with just enough paranoia built in to keep you safe” while The Daily Dot says that(new window) “A more secure alternative to mainstream email providers is Proton Mail, an email service that uses end-to-end encryption to secure your messages.”

In its evaluation of secure email providers, CyberNews says Proton Mail(new window) is “a great choice. It’s as safe and private as they come, and great features are added to the mix every day.” And included Proton Mail in its list of best business email providers, explaining that we make protecting sensitive information easy. “Both the messages sent between users and stored on Proton Mail servers are encrypted in a sophisticated manner.” You can read the whole review here(new window).

Cybernews names Proton Mail the best secure email provider in 2021, noting that “it’s as safe and private as they come, and great features are added to the mix every day.” You can read the full review here(new window).

In the Help Net Security review, the author’s concludes that “Proton Mail successfully combines a highly secure environment for email communication with top notch usability and a fantastic look and feel across the different devices. Job well done!”. You can find the entire review here(new window).

In the Wall Street Journal‘s coverage of Proton Mail(new window), they point out that “Proton Mail hosts its servers in Switzerland… so all user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws”, as an important factor that makes Proton Mail a trusted choice. Similarly, Fast Company writes that(new window)people also trust Proton Mail because its cryptography is open source: people have been tinkering with PGP for 20 years, so they know and trust how Proton Mail is encrypting its users’ email.”

Finally, if you are a darkweb user, we are happy to let you know Proton Mail was also reviewed by as we are also the first Tor email service(new window) with an Onion site(new window). You can read the full review here(new window).

Proton Mail Awards

Proton Mail has also been featured in many competitive comparisons that seek to determine the best secure email provider(new window).

In The Tech Reader Top 4 Free Email Alternatives to Gmail(new window), Proton Mail takes first place.

In HackRead’s “top 7 best emails services”, Proton Mail is ranked as the best email service(new window).

In Tech Junkie’s8 of the most secure email providers(new window)”, Proton Mail again takes the top prize.

Proton Mail also won the 2016 Lovie design award(new window) for Mobile Utilities and Services.

Proton Mail International Reviews

[English] – Proton Mail Review(new window)


Hacker Adana Blog – Güvenli ve Şifreli E-Posta: Proton Mail(new window)


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Mister Geek – Proton Mail : email sécurisé et chiffré(new window) – Proton Mail : le service de messagerie chiffrée basé en Suisse atteint 5 millions d’utilisateurs(new window)


Ktonanovenkogo -ProtonMail: электронная почта с повышенной безопасностью и интерфейсом на русском языке(new window)


Proton Mail – bezpieczna skrzynka e-mail z szyfrowaniem end-to-end(new window)

Proton Mail Video Reviews

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