Proton Mail reviews 2023

Millions of people around the world trust Proton Mail to protect their privacy. Read what they have to say.

Proton Mail is the world’s first and largest encrypted email service. We are committed to transparency, which is why we made all Proton apps open source, and commissioned audits from impartial third-party experts. We also regularly publish reviews from the journalists, activists, corporations, and citizens from around the world who trust Proton Mail to protect their communications.

What the experts say about Proton Mail


“[Proton Mail] is often favored for its sleek design and strong security features”

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The Guardian

“[Proton Mail is] one of the most privacy-conscious email services.”

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It’s hard not to be impressed with the lengths Proton’s gone to shore up security and privacy.


“[Proton Mail makes it] cheap and easy to get a secure email account with just enough paranoia built in to keep you safe”

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Wall Street Journal

“Proton Mail hosts its servers in Switzerland… so all user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws”

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Why choose Proton Mail?

Private email

With Proton Mail, your emails are end-to-end encrypted and protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

Free forever

Everyone has a right to privacy, which is why we make Proton Mail available for free.

Easy to use

Proton Mail’s award-winning apps are easy-to-use with advanced features for managing your inbox.

Proton Mail is trusted by millions of people worldwide to keep their communications private.

Choose an email that is secure and private by default.

Proton Mail awards

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Secured with robust encryption

Proton Mail protects your emails with end-to-end and zero-access encryption, meaning no-one — not even Proton — can read their contents. Proton Mail encrypts all your data automatically, so you can seamlessly protect your messages without any extra steps or technological knowhow.

Proton Mail ratings

Cyber News

“Proton Mail is really simple and easy to use”


“Easy Encrypted Email”


“ProtonMail is one of the most polished secure end-to-end encrypted email services on the market.”


“Proton Mail is undoubtedly the safest email service available”

International Proton Mail reviews

Proton is a global privacy company, and we work hard alongside our localization community to ensure that Proton Mail is available in as many languages as possible. Proton Mail has also received reviews from experts around the world, including in French, Russian, Polish, Turkish, and Italian.

What our community says about Proton Mail


You get what you pay for. In the case of big tech, if you pay nothing, you get used. I quit using Gmail and switched to @ProtonMail


Thanks Proton for keeping us all safe in the complicated internet universe.

Proton Mail user

For anyone caring for privacy of their e-mail data, I can fully recommend Proton Mail. With #privacy level few other services can compete with, especially considering how user-friendly it is.

Jack Dorsey
Twitter co-founder

My favorite email service

A table comparing Proton Mail against Gmail
Inbox featuresProton MailProton Mail
PriceFree - 
Pay for more storage and products, 
starting at $3.49/mYou pay with your privacyYou pay with your privacy
Advanced email features
Mobile apps for all your devices
Free calendar included
No data harvesting
No ads
End-to-end encrypted messages
Blocks trackers and marketers from spying on you
Free VPN included
Protected by strong Swiss privacy laws

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