Keep your accounts safe with Pass Monitor

Easily enhance your online security by identifying vulnerable accounts and receiving data breach alerts, all in one place.

How does Proton Pass Monitor work ?

Proton Pass Monitor keeps you safe by alerting you of account weaknesses.

Password Health

Discover which of your passwords are reused or weak, then adjust them to ensure that your accounts remain as secure as possible. 

Inactive 2FA

Improve your online security with notifications on inactive two-factor authentication, then store 2FA directly on Proton Pass. 

Dark Web Monitoring 

Receive immediate alerts if your personal information is compromised by a data leak with our Dark web Monitoring services. 

Proton Sentinel 

Enable Proton Sentinel, which prevents hackers from gaining access to your accounts even if they have your passwords. 

What are the benefits of Pass Monitor?

Pass Monitor protects your online accounts further by alerting you of any account weakness with Dark Web Monitoring, Inactive 2FA, and Password Health you get:

  • Actionable recommendations to safeguard your digital identity and minimize the risks of future breaches.
  • Fully secure password health checks done securely on your device, so passwords never leave your device.
  • Real time alerts in response to cyber security breaches, right at your fingertips.


Protect more than
just your passwords

Proton Pass provides more security for free.

Protect your privacy online with an included VPN service
and end-to-end encrypted cloud storage.