Hide-my-email aliases help protect your identity

Proton Pass is the only password manager in the world that also protects your online identity. It's an identity manager for your digital life.

What are hide-my-email aliases?

An alias is a randomly-generated email address that forwards emails to your main inbox. Proton Pass creates aliases so you can enter them into online forms and protect your actual email address from being disclosed or leaked.

How to use email aliases


Enter your email aliases in online forms

Whenever you’re about to sign up for a new account or subscribe to a newsletter, Proton Pass can automatically create a unique email alias so you don’t have to use your personal email address.


Receive emails safely in your inbox

When your alias receives an email, Proton Pass instantly forwards it to your inbox without the sender ever knowing your personal email address. You can also reply without revealing your email address.


Never worry about a data breach again

If your email alias is ever leaked or sold to spammers, you can deactivate it to stop receiving unwanted emails. The unique alias lets you know which company sold your email. At no point is your actual email at risk.

Why use aliases?

Control spam

If one of your email aliases is sold or leaked and you start to receive spam emails, you can easily turn off the compromised alias.

Stay organized

Make a new alias whenever you create an account, shop online, or sign up for a newsletter.

Protect your privacy

Aliases give you control over your identity. You never have to disclose your true email address, so you cannot be tracked and profiled by advertisers.

Prevent phishing

Aliases add an extra layer of anonymity between hackers and your inbox, helping to prevent phishing attacks, one of the biggest online security threats.

Secure your data

Hackers won’t obtain your real email address if you use an alias for an online service and it suffers a data breach. They'll only have a single-use email address that you can easily turn off.

Free email aliases

At Proton, our social mission comes first, so while you can always support us by upgrading to a paid plan, we also make hide-my-email aliases available in the free version of Proton Pass.

Privacy from the brand you can trust

Private by design

Proton Pass aliases are designed as an email relay, so they never store any of your emails. As a Swiss company, Proton Pass is also protected by some of the world’s strongest privacy laws.

Built by email experts

Proton has been running Proton Mail, the world’s largest encrypted email service for a decade, and has served over 100 million accounts in that time. We are experts in email reliability, deliverability, and security.


What is an email alias?

Your personal email address is an essential part of your digital identity. Like your phone number, you don’t just give it to everyone you meet. That’s where aliases come in.


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Protect more than just your passwords

Proton Pass provides more security for free. Protect your privacy online with an included VPN service and end-to-end encrypted cloud storage.

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