Use Passkeys to their full potential

Streamline and secure your login experience with Passkeys on Proton Pass.

Easy security with passkeys on Proton Pass

  • Supported on any browser and in all our apps.
  • Simple, one-click interface
  • Store, share and export passkeys
  • Available in all our plans

What are Passkeys?

Passkeys are a simple and secure cross device authentication technology that enables you to create and sign into accounts without passwords. Passkeys are secure by design and create a seamless login experience for the user.

How do Passkeys work?

Passkeys are made up of two mathematically connected numeric keys: one public, one private. The service or website you’re signing into, holds the public key, while you as the user hold the private one, which is stored on your password manager. When logging into a service, the public key sends a challenge to your device which can only be answered correctly by your private key, identifying you as the account owner.

Password vs. Passkey

Security strength?Depends on the userStrong by default
Needs to be memorized?Yes or recordedNo
Built in MFA?NoYes
Share with app or website?YesNo
Phishing Resistance?Can be interceptedHighly resistant