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Proton Pass now supports passkeys on all devices and plans

We’re excited to announce that Proton Pass supports passkeys for everyone, allowing you to manage and use passkeys across all devices seamlessly. Passkeys are an easy and secure alternative to traditional passwords that can help prevent phishing attacks and make your online experience smoother and safer.

Unfortunately, Big Tech’s rollout of this technology prioritized using passkeys to lock people into their walled gardens over providing universal security for everyone. And many password managers only support passkeys on specific platforms or provide them with paid plans, meaning you only get to reap passkeys’ security benefits if you can afford them. 

We’ve reimagined passkeys, helping them reach their full potential as free, universal, and open-source tech. We believe online privacy and security should be accessible to everyone, regardless of what device you use or your ability to pay. That’s why passkey support is now available to the entire Proton Pass community. 

What are passkeys?

Passkeys are a new way of authenticating yourself when signing in to an account. When you create an account, instead of entering a username and password, you create a pair of cryptographically linked passkeys: one public, one private. The private key is stored in your device or password manager and confirms your identity when you log in to your account.

Passkeys are a promising alternative to traditional passwords and two-factor authentication(new window) as they streamline the login process. Few websites currently support passkeys, but the adoption rate is increasing as more and more people see their benefits. By adding support for passkeys alongside passwords, Proton Pass allows you to always use the most secure option available.

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Privacy and security for all

Proton Pass is giving everyone access to this basic security tool. Passkeys make security easier, which makes everyone more secure. Proton Pass’s approach to Passkeys is markedly different from that adopted by other password managers and embodies Proton’s philosophy of making security and privacy tools as widely available as possible.

The freedom to choose

Passkeys are platform agnostic in Proton Pass. You can easily store and manage your passkeys on any browser and in all our apps, giving you the choice of what platform to use.

We’ve also given passkeys and passwords equal priority so that you can use them interchangeably in our apps. This means you can store, share, and export passkeys just like you can with passwords. This flexibility is part of our commitment to maintaining convenience and interoperability, ensuring passkeys are as user-friendly as traditional passwords.

Simple, one-click interface

Proton Pass simplifies the already simple process of using passkeys with our user-friendly interface. You can use passkeys to log in to a website or app with a single click or tap, making passkeys as easy to use as passwords (if not easier), ensuring everyone can log in quickly and  securely.

Open source and end-to-end encrypted

Our passkey implementation is open source and based on the open FIDO standard(new window), so you can verify the security of our code like you can with all our applications and features. And like all Proton apps, Proton Pass protects your passkeys and their associated metadata (like URLs) with end-to-end encryption, so nobody else can see your data, not even us.

Passkeys for businesses

Passkey support is available on all plans, including Proton Pass for Business. This gives your organization added security against phishing attacks and data breaches for your team accounts that support passkeys. Our intuitive interface doesn’t require any training to onboard your team, enabling businesses to instantly improve their security.

Accelerating security for all

Adding universal support for passkeys is just one of the many new features we will be introducing in Proton Pass this year to ensure that everybody can have access to easy-to-use and platform-agnostic password management. 

To learn more, you can also check out our guide for using passkeys today. 

Adding passkey support to Proton Pass is just the first step towards broader passkey support in Proton, and we look forward to continuing to serve the community in the years to come.

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