How to increase your storage space

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Storage space

All Proton paid plans come with encrypted storage shared between Proton Mail(new window) and Proton Drive(new window). The Proton Free plan offers up to 1 GB on Proton Mail and 5 GB on Proton Drive. You can unlock these maximum storage allocations by completing two simple startup actions when setting up your account. This article explains how to get the maximum storage, check your storage allowance, and get more storage if you need it.

How much storage have I got?

You can find your storage allowance, along with your current storage usage, in the lower left corner of the Proton Mail web app.

Web app storage indicator

To find your current storage in our iOS and Android mobile apps, go to Settings → Account Settings and select your account. Your current storage allowance and usage are located under the Account header.

How can I increase my storage?

Our Proton Free plan comes with up to 6 GB of storage: 1 GB for your emails on Proton Mail and 5 GB for your files on Proton Drive. After signing up for the Free plan, you can unlock the maximum storage allowance on each service with a few quick steps:

  1. Boost your Proton Mail storage from 500 MB to 1 GB by completing four simple account setup actions(new window).
  2. Boost your Proton Drive storage from the default 2 GB to 5 GB by completing a few quick tasks(new window).

If you’d like to further boost your storage, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. Unlike other free internet services, Proton doesn’t harvest your personal data to generate revenue by showing advertisements. Instead, we offer paid plans that provide additional features, including increased storage capacity:

  • Proton Mail Plus: 15 GB
  • Proton Unlimited: 500 GB
  • Proton Visionary (legacy plan not usually available for purchase): 6 TB
  • Proton Family: 3 TB total (shared among family members)

Learn how to upgrade your Proton plan(new window)

If you need even more storage, consider one of our Proton for Business plans, which allows you to add more storage by adding users:

  • Proton Essentials: 15 GB per user
  • Proton Business: 500 GB per user

For example, if you wanted 2 TB of storage, you could sign up for Proton Business with four users (4 x 500 GB = 2 TB). You could then distribute that 2 TB of storage between yourself and up to three other users as you wish.

Learn more about Proton for Business plans(new window)

Learn how to add users and allocate storage(new window)

If you’re running a larger organization and would like to fully customize your storage, consider our Proton Enterprise plan. For more details, contact our Sales team(new window).

Proton Storage Bonuses

To thank all of you who pay for Proton for your loyalty and continuing support, we give you an annual Storage Bonus.

Our annual Storage Bonuses used to be fixed at 1 GB per year for all Proton plans. But now your annual bonus depends on what plan you have.

Learn more about Proton Storage Bonuses(new window)

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