How to add new users to your organization

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Manage users

If you have a Proton for Business(new window) plan or a legacy Visionary plan with a custom domain(new window), you can create an organization(new window) and add users to it.

1. Log in to your Proton Account at window) and go to SettingsGo to settingsOrganizationUsers and addressesAdd user.

Add user 1

2. Enter the following details to create a new user:

  • Name  — The name used for the account is only for your administrative use only and is not public.
  • Address — This is the users’ email address using your organization’s domain.
  • Password — The user will be able to change this later if they wish.
  • Account storage — Allocate how much storage this user will have. This will be deducted from your organization’s total storage allowance. Learn more about how to increase your storage space(new window).
  • Private — By default, you can read the emails of organization sub-users. By changing the setting to Private, however, you will not be able to read their emails.

Learn more about private users(new window)

Add user 2

Click Save when you’re done, and the new user will be displayed in your Users and addresses dashboard.

Add users 3

How to set up an organization in Proton Mail

Step 1: Set up your custom domain(s)

Step 2: Create your organization(new window)

Step 3: Add new users to your organization(new window) (you are here)

Step 4: Migrate your existing email messages to Proton Mail(new window)

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