How to manage public users of your organization

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Manage users

If you’ve purchased a Visionary plan (legacy users only) or any Proton for Business plan with two or more users, you can add new users(new window).

There are two types of users:

  • Non-private users (the default)
  • Private users

Learn more about private and non-private user accounts(new window)

You can only access the mailboxes of your non-private users. If you set a user as private, you cannot undo this, and the mailbox cannot be accessed by any administrators.

To access a non-private user’s mailbox:

1. Log in to your administrator Proton Account at and click Settings → All settings → Organization → Users and addresses.

2. In the Actions column next to the user whose account you wish to access, click and select Sign in from the dropdown menu.

You will be asked to enter your login password for the admin account you are currently using.

For more on how to use Proton Mail with your organization, check our Proton for Business FAQs(new window).

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