Private users in Proton organizations

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If you have a Proton for Business plan or a legacy Proton Visionary plan, you can create an organization and add users to it. These users can be either non-private users or private users.

By default, all users are non-private, which means any organization administrator can read their emails. This might be desirable for employee oversight and compliance reasons. 

Only administrators can access the messages of your organization’s non-private users.

Proton can’t access the emails of ANY user of your organization, including non-private users.

As an administrator, you can designate a user as a private user when you add them or anytime later. A private user’s messages can only be accessed with that user’s login credentials. Administrators can’t access a private user’s messages.

Administrators can’t change a private user into a non-private user. To do this, you must delete the user account and recreate it.

If a private user loses or forgets their password, they must reset it using their recovery email address. An administrator can’t change their password for them.

How to designate a new user as a private user

When adding a new user, turn the Private switch on.

Screenshot of adding a new private user

How to designate an existing user as a private user

1. Log in to your administrator Proton Account at and go to Settings → All settingsOrganizationUsers and addresses. Click Edit in the Action column next to the user.

Edit a user's role

2. Turn the Private switch on and click Submit (you may be asked to sign in again using your Proton password to continue).

Make a user private

How to set up an organization in Proton Mail

Step 1: Set up your custom domain(s) (optional for Proton Visionary)

Step 2: Create your organization

Step 3: Add new users to your organization

Step 4: Migrate your existing email messages to Proton Mail

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