How to add or remove users in your Proton for Business plan

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Manage users

If you have a Proton for Business plan (or legacy Visionary plan) with a custom domain(new window), you can create user accounts with email addresses using your custom domain.

You can see how many users you have available in your plan by checking your account Dashboard.

Dashboard showing number of users

What’s included in Proton business plans

All Proton business plans are flexible to allow you to add as many users as your business needs. After selecting the number of users you need when you sign up, you can add and remove users from your plan at any time in the future within your Proton Account.

Each user comes with a certain amount of storage space plus a number of email addresses, and each user can connect to our VPN service(new window) on 1 or up to 10 devices at the same time, depending on your plan.

PlanStorage per userEmail addresses per userVPN connections per user
Proton Mail Essentials15 GB101
Proton Mail Professional50 GB151
Proton Business Suite500 GB2010

For example, if you have a Proton Business Suite plan with four users, you’ll have a total of:

  • 4 x 500 GB = 2000 GB (2 TB) of storage
  • 4 x 20 = 80 addresses
  • 4 x 10 = 40 VPN connections

As an administrator(new window), you can allocate your total storage (in this example, 2 TB) between your users as you wish. You can also create any number of addresses for each user up to your total address limit (in this example, 80).

You can also switch VPN connections on or off for each user (which sets the number of connections to 0 or 10). But you can’t redistribute VPN connections among your user accounts. The number of VPN connections per user is capped at 10.

If you want to increase or decrease your total users, storage, addresses, or VPN connections (with Proton Business Suite), you can do so by adding or removing users.

If you have a Proton Business Suite plan, you can also add(new window) extra (new window)custom domains(new window).

Adding and removing users in your plan

To increase or decrease the number of users in your Proton for Business plan:

1. Log in to your Proton Account at and select Settings → All settingsDashboardYour plan.

2. Select Customize plan.

Customize plan button

3. Select the + / buttons next to Number of users to add or remove users.

Buttons to increase or decrease the number of users in your plan

4. Click Continue to go to the checkout and pay if you’ve added users. If you’ve removed users, we’ll provide a prorated credit to your account based on the duration remaining on your original contract and the number of users you have removed.

Learn more about account credit(new window)

Learn more about adding users to your organization(new window)

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