How to add multiple accounts to Proton Mail Bridge

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Using Bridge

Bridge enables you to add end-to-end encrypted(new window) Proton Mail support to the email client on your computer. If you have multiple paid Proton Mail accounts (including organizatiojn users if you have a Visionary or any Proton for Business(new window) plan), you can add them all to Proton Mail Bridge(new window).

To add additional Proton Mail accounts to Proton Mail Bridge, follow these steps:

1. In Proton Mail Bridge, click the + icon in the Accounts sidebar

Add another user to Proton Mail Bridge

2. Enter your Proton Mail login details to add your account to Proton Mail Bridge. (Remember, you can only add paid accounts to Proton Mail Bridge.)

3. Now that your account has been added to Proton Mail Bridge, you must add this account to your email client.

Learn how to configure your email client for Proton Mail Bridge (new window)

You can now access multiple accounts in your email client.

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