Try Proton Pass Plus for seven days

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Proton Pass

When you first sign up for a Proton Pass account (or activate Proton Pass for the first time if you already use Proton services), you can enjoy most of the benefits of a full Pass Plus plan for seven days. These include:

  • Create up to 20 vaults
  • Add two-factor authentication (2FA) to login items
  • Add custom fields on login items
  • Create up to 10 aliases (on a full Plus plan, you can create an unlimited number of aliases)
  • Create unlimited logins and notes
  • Use on an unlimited number of devices

After this trial period, your account will be automatically converted to a Proton Pass Free plan. With the Free plan, you get:

  • One vault
  • Unlimited logins and notes
  • Can use on an unlimited number of devices
  • Use up to 10 email aliases (this is the same as you can create during the trial)

To continue using our premium features (with unlimited aliases), upgrade to a Proton Pass Plus, Proton Unlimited, Proton Family, Proton Business, or Proton Enterprise plan.

If you prefer to stay with Proton Pass Free but during the trial period have exceeded the limitations placed on the Free plan, the following restrictions will apply:

1. If you have multiple vaults, you can only create new items in your primary vault. However, you can edit and delete any existing item you previously created, regardless of its vault. You can also move items from any vault to your primary vault (which you can’t change). The autofill function will only show items from your primary vault.

2. 2FA authentication will continue to work for the first three logins you configured. While 2FA tokens will not be generated for additional accounts that you configured during the trial period, you will still be able to edit an item to see (and copy) its 2FA secret. 

3. You can’t create new custom fields for login items. To copy text from custom fields you created during the trial period, you’ll need to Edit the item.

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