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Proton Drive is our end-to-end encrypted cloud storage service and is available to everyone with a Proton plan (including Proton Free).

How to access Proton Drive

Go to window) and sign in using your Proton login credentials.

Alternatively, you can access Proton Drive from your Proton Mail account:

1. Log in to the web app at

2. Click the app switcher button in the top left corner and select Proton Drive from the dropdown menu.

You can also access Proton Drive via our apps for Android(new window) and iOS(new window).

Frequently asked questions

How much does Proton Drive cost?

Proton Drive is available for free. If you want more storage capacity, you can upgrade to Drive Plus for as little as €3.49 per month. Drive Plus accounts have 200 GB of storage. You can also choose a Proton Unlimited account for €7.99 per month, which comes with 500 GB of storage.

What is the storage capacity of Proton Drive?

Currently, Proton Drive storage is shared with your Proton Mail account for all paid plans. For example, if you have a Proton Mail Plus account with a base storage of 15 GB, this same 15 GB will be shared with Proton Drive.

However, for the Proton Free plan, there is a maximum storage allocation of 6 GB divided between the two services, with 1 GB dedicated for Proton Mail and 5 GB for Proton Drive.

Can I purchase additional storage?

It is not possible to add storage specifically for Proton Drive at the moment. To increase storage that can be shared with Proton Drive, you can upgrade your account. 

Learn how to increase your storage space(new window)

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