Setting up Proton Drive for your business

2 mins
Get Started

With Proton Drive, you can securely store and back up important business documents using end-to-end encrypted cloud storage. You can use Proton Drive with our web app from any device that supports a browser.

Log in to your Proton Account at and access Proton Drive through the app switcher.

Import files to Proton Drive 

1. Upload documents and other files to Proton Drive by clicking on New upload

New upload button to upload files to Proton Drive

2. You can upload multiple files by holding down the Ctrl/Cmd button and selecting the files. 

Share files securely 

You can share files and folders stored in Proton Drive by creating a publicly accessible and secure URL. 

1. To create a link, click on the link icon in the toolbar.

Icon button to share a file in Proton Drive

2. Click Copy link to copy the secure URL to share it.

Copy link button to copy a file sharing link

3. If you have a sensitive file or folder, you can also protect it with a password and set an expiration date. Click Additional settings and switch on the features you need.

Upcoming features

Soon you’ll also be able to edit documents and share drive access across multiple users. Contact the sales team(new window) to be notified of feature releases.

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