How to turn on Proton Sentinel in Proton Pass for Business

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Proton Pass
Proton Pass for Business

Proton Pass for Business users get access to the Proton Sentinel program, which can detect unauthorized attempts to break into your account and stop them. This tutorial shows how you can switch it on from the Proton for Business web app.

How to turn on Proton Sentinel

1. From the web app, click on the gear icon in the bottom left of the screen, and then click on Account.

Proton Pass for Business settings menu

2. You’ll be redirected to your account screen, click on Security and privacy in the left side panel.

Proton Pass for Business security settings

3. In the new screen, you’ll find Sentinel at the very top. It’s off by default; click on the toggle to enable Proton Sentinel.

Proton Pass for Business sentinel on

From now on, Sentinel is protecting you from unauthorized access attempts. Sentinel also includes the ability to generate in-depth reports about account activity. We recommend you go over our article on the Sentinel high security program for more details.

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