How to switch to two-password mode

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When we first released Proton Mail, we created it with two passwords to ensure end-to-end encryption. You use the first to verify your identity to log in; the second, to decrypt your mail. This is called two-password mode.

Over time, our research team developed a way to log in with one password(new window) while providing the same end-to-end encryption. As this makes Proton Mail easier to use, one-password mode is now the default for all newly created accounts.

If you created your Proton Mail account before December 2016, you have the option to switch to one-password mode(new window), which we recommend for most users.

However, we’ll continue to support two-password mode. If you want to use a second password as an extra layer of security, you can switch on two-password mode by following these steps:

1. Log in at on a computer, click Settings → All settings at the top right, and select Account and password.

2. Under Passwords, click on the Two-password mode switch to turn it on.

3. Enter your old login password, a two-factor authentication code (if you have 2FA enabled), and a new login password. Click Save.

4. Enter a new mailbox password and click Save.

Boxes to add a second, mailbox password to switch to two-password mode

You’re now in two-password mode. You’ll need to use both your new passwords to log in to your account and access your mailbox.

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