Login password vs. mailbox password in two-password mode

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By default, Proton Mail(new window) now uses one-password mode. This means the same password is used to log in to your account and decrypt your mailbox. One-password mode provides security and convenience, which is why we recommend it for most people.

Learn more about one-password mode(new window)

It is also possible to switch to two-password mode, and if you have a very old Proton Mail account, two-password mode may still be enabled by default.

Learn how to switch to two-password mode(new window) (or one-password mode if you currently use two-password mode)

As its name suggests, two-password mode secures your Protonmail account with two passwords:

  1. Login Password
  2. Mailbox Password

Login password

Your login password is the first line of defense to ensure no intruders are allowed into your account. This password is stored on our servers and allows us to confirm your identity.

Mailbox password

Your mailbox password decrypts your mailbox so you can read your encrypted emails. This password is not stored on our servers; it’s stored in your browser or on your device and is used to decrypt your mailbox locally each time you log in to Proton Mail. 

Learn more about the mailbox password(new window)

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