What is Pass Monitor?

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Pass Monitor is a suite of Proton Pass security features that helps you protect your accounts through data breach monitoring, account security checks, and our Proton Sentinel high-security system. 

See a description of each feature below and which Proton plans get access.

Dark Web Monitoring

Pass Monitor scans hidden parts of the internet that often host stolen data marketplaces to see whether any of your emails show up in breached databases. We check for your Proton Mail email addresses, up to 10 custom email addresses you authorize us to monitor, and hide-my-email aliases.

The breach database draws from our own data, as well as that provided by Have I Been Pwned(new window) and Constella Intelligence(new window), two leaders in cybersecurity.

Dark Web Monitoring is available for Proton Pass Plus and Proton Unlimited subscribers.

Password Health

Pass Monitor checks your passwords on your device to see if they are strong enough to be secure and generates alternatives if not. Monitor also checks your passwords to make sure none are duplicated, a security flaw that is easily exploited by cybercriminals.

The checks take place locally in the app, we never have access to your passwords, and they would never be shared with any third-party provider.

Password Health is available to all Proton Pass users.

Inactive 2FA

As two-factor authentication (2FA) is an important part of online security, Proton Monitor also scans your logins to check whether you have enabled 2FA wherever possible. If not, it will remind you to do so.

Inactive 2FA is available to all Proton Pass users.

Proton Sentinel 

Our Sentinel high security program is now part of Pass Monitor. Using machine learning, it detects suspicious attempts to log in to your Proton Account and alerts our security analysts who can block attacks in progress. We have an in-depth guide on how Proton Sentinel works.

Proton Sentinel is available for all subscribers of Proton Pass paid plans.

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