Transparency report

From time to time, Proton may be legally compelled to disclose certain user information to Swiss authorities, as detailed in our Privacy Policy. This can happen if Swiss law is broken. As stated in our Privacy Policy, all emails, files and invites are encrypted and we have no means to decrypt them.

Under Article 271 of the Swiss Criminal Code, Proton may not transmit any data to foreign authorities directly, and we therefore reject all requests from foreign authorities. Swiss authorities may from time to time assist foreign authorities with requests, provided that they are valid under international legal assistance procedures and determined to be in compliance with Swiss law. In these cases, the standard of legality is again based on Swiss law. In general, Swiss authorities do not assist foreign authorities from countries with a history of human rights abuses.

Aggregate statistics of legal orders that we have received can be found below:


  • Number of legal orders: 6,378
  • Contested orders: 407
  • Orders complied with: 5,971


  • Number of legal orders: 6,995
  • Contested orders: 1,038
  • Orders complied with: 5,957


  • Number of legal orders: 6,243
  • Contested orders: 1,323
  • Orders complied with: 4,920


  • Number of legal orders: 3,767
  • Contested orders: 750
  • Orders complied with: 3,017


  • Number of legal orders: 1,594
  • Contested orders: 110
  • Orders complied with: 1,484


  • Number of legal orders: 340
  • Contested orders: 4
  • Orders complied with: 336


  • Number of legal orders: 26
  • Contested orders: 3
  • Orders complied with: 23