Proton Mail Bridge for Linux

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Installation on Linux

The Proton Mail Bridge(new window) app for Linux allows you to integrate your Proton Mail account with IMAP and SMTP email programs such as Thunderbird and Evolution. Bridge is available to all Proton Mail users with a paid plan.

The app is available for DEB, RPM, and PKGBUILD-based distributions, covering most derivatives (Debian and derivatives like Ubuntu and Mint, RedHat and derivatives like Centos and Fedora, and Arch and derivatives like Manjaro).

You can download the app on Bridge homepage(new window).

Follow our instructions to set up Bridge on Debian-based distros, RPM-based distros, and Arch-based distributions using PKGBUILD.

Note: To use the Bridge, you need a secret-service password manager such as GNOME Keyring, or Pass (new window)installed on your device.

Follow our instructions to configure your account with Thunderbird.

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