What is a catch-all email address?

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Domain setup

A catch-all email address provides Proton Mail custom domain(new window) users the option to receive all mail sent to their domain, even if they are sent to an email address that has not been set up for their domain. If a custom domain address already exists, emails sent to that address won’t be delivered to the catch-all address.

You can set up a catch-all address using your custom domain with any Proton paid plan(new window).

If you don’t have a catch-all address enabled and a sender tries to send a message to an incorrect address, they’ll receive a bounce-back message informing them that the address they tried sending to does not exist within your domain.

Your message wasn’t delivered to because the address couldn’t be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

How to enable a catch-all email address

1. Make sure you’ve completed all the steps to set up your custom domain(new window) and addresses.

2. Go to Settings → All settingsOrganization → Domain names. In the dropdown Actions menu, select Set catch-all, and you’ll be asked to input an email address belonging to your domain. 

All mail sent to your domain that doesn’t match an address in your account will now be delivered to this address.

How set a Catch-all email address

Tip: To prevent catch-all email messages from cluttering up your inbox, we recommend creating a dedicated address within your domain to deliver all catch-all email messages to (for example, or

How to set up an organization in Proton Mail

Step 1: Set up your custom domain(s)

Step 2: Create your organization(new window)

Step 3: Add new users to your organization(new window)

Step 4: Migrate your existing email messages to Proton Mail(new window)

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