How to access Proton Drive logs on macOS and Windows

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Your Proton Drive logs can be helpful when monitoring usage. This article shows how to access them in Windows and macOS apps.

Accessing your Proton Drive logs on macOS

To access your logs in the macOS app, first click on the Proton Drive icon in the top bar of your screen. Then, click Settings.

The settings button for Proton Drive

A new screen will pop up. In the bottom half, click Show logs.

Proton Drive settings screen on MacOS

A Finder window will open with all your log files.

The file at the bottom is titled LogsForCustomerSupport.aar and is an archive of all logs. This file is generated each time you show the logs. It’s the only file you need to send to customer support.

Accessing your Proton Drive logs in Windows

To access your logs in Windows, Proton Drive offers two options. The easiest is to attach the logs to a request for assistance from our support team. 

In the main interface of the Proton Drive Windows app, click on Help in the left-side panel. In the pop-up window, describe your issue and make sure the box that says Include app logs is checked (it should be checked by default).

The help button in Proton Drive for Windows

If you’d like to inspect your logs yourself, or attach them to an email to our support team, you can access the folder where your logs are stored either via the app by clicking on Show logs next to the checkbox, or by navigating to the folder on your hard drive. By default, it’s User > AppData > Local > Proton > ProtonDrive > Logs.

The location of the Proton Drive logs in Windows

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