Common sync issues and how to fix them

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Proton Drive

Here are some of the most common issues you might encounter when syncing files from your Windows device. 

  1. Files open in another app – Opening a file with another app (for example, if you’re working on a .doc file in Microsoft Word) will prevent it from being synced.
    To successfully sync a file, close all other apps where it’s open and check the sync status in the Activities tab. 
  2. Folders and files that are synced to another cloud storage app – Files you sync you’ve synced to another cloud storage app might not get synced to Proton Drive if you store these files as online only.
    To successfully sync these files, make sure these are set to Always keep on this device. This should now allow the file to be synced to Proton Drive.
  3. Sync not working or taking too long – This can usually be fixed by pausing and resuming sync from the Activity tab of the Windows app.

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