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UPDATE Sept. 15, 2020: SwissSign has dealt with the DDoS attack and has taken measures to prevent similar outages in the future. Therefore, we are using them again as our certificate authority. We have updated the fingerprints at the bottom of this a
Updated: September 22, 2022 This article documents Proton Drive’s security model by showing how it uses end-to-end encryption to protect your sensitive data. While somewhat technical, this document is meant to be accessible to a general audience and
Image of Belarus and Proton Mail flags
Belarusians are in the streets, no longer willing to live under the tyranny of “Europe’s last dictator.” We at Proton stand with the people of Belarus against the violent suppression of their freedoms, and we would like to once again offer our suppor
An image of Proton Mail's open source encryption libraries.
As part of our mission to make security, privacy, and freedom accessible to all, we maintain two open source cryptography libraries that make it easier for developers to apply strong encryption in their projects. We have been the maintainers of OpenP
An illustration of the multi-account feature for iOS.
UPDATE July 21, 2020: Multi-account support for iOS has exited beta and is now available to all our iOS users. Version 1.12 of Proton Mail iOS lets you manage multiple Proton Mail accounts on your phone without needing to log in and log out repeated
An illustration of the Proton Mail Android app going open source.
Starting today, every app you use to access your Proton Mail inbox is open source and has passed an independent security audit. One of our guiding principles is transparency. You deserve to know who we are, how our products can and cannot protect yo
illustration of Proton Mail Android client security
The following article presents a high-level overview of Proton Mail’s Android security model and explains how the app protects your sensitive data. You can view our Android app’s open-source code on GitHub. Read our threat model for more information
Illustration of Proton Mail Bridge open source
We are one step closer to fully open sourcing all our apps. Proton Mail Bridge joins iOS and the web app as open source software, and it has also passed an independent security audit. Trust and transparency are core values of Proton Mail. We want yo
Illustration of the Bridge security model
Proton Mail Bridge is a desktop application that runs in the background on your computer and encrypts and decrypts your mail as it enters and leaves your device. It allows for full integration of your Proton Mail account with email clients like Micro
Illustration of Proton Mail Covid-19 response
26 May 2022: Updated to reflect new Proton plans and pricing and the removal of free additional storage. We are living through a situation that is unprecedented in modern history. At a moment of great professional uncertainty and personal stress, we
protonmail bridge for linux
We are excited to announce that starting today, you can use Bridge to connect your Proton Mail account with your desktop email app on the Linux operating system. Proton Mail Bridge is a desktop app available to all paying subscribers that integrates