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Proton Mail goes on sale just once a year, and this year we are offering our biggest ever discount. Both new users and existing users can get up to 50% off on paid plans from Nov. 23 until Nov. 30 2018. Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is the only
With the latest Proton Mail update, you can now create Contact Groups and easily send bulk messages. You can also request and respond to read receipts, confirming the message has been received. CONTACT GROUPS With Contact Groups, you can add up to
Ever coordinated a social event, a parents group, or a team of colleagues at work? For those moments when you want everyone on the same page, you want a feature like Contact Groups to help you stay organized. Today we’re happy to announce Contact Gro
Since we first opened to the public in 2014, Proton Mail has grown at an accelerating pace and is now the largest secure email provider in the world. With so many organizations depending on us for everyday communications, we are proud to offer an upt
We have launched a new Report Phishing feature in order to improve the security of the entire Proton Mail community. Phishing scams are among the most effective kinds of online attacks. Cyber criminals create emails that try to get you to click on m
Updated February 2022 with new instructions for enabling beta access on the desktop.   Perhaps more than other tech companies, Proton Mail takes pride in being a community-driven project. Our community gave us the initial backing to get started, our
At Proton Mail, our goal is to make encryption as widespread and accessible as possible. We believe a key step toward that is having well-maintained, robust, and secure open source encryption libraries. This is the goal of our efforts on the OpenPGPj
Starting with the latest release of Proton Mail on web (v3.14), iOS and Android (v1.9), and the latest versions of the Proton Mail IMAP/SMTP Bridge, Proton Mail now supports Address Verification, along with full PGP interoperability and support. In t
As few weeks back, we sent a notice to the Proton Mail community regarding the DDoS attacks that we have been facing. Today we would like to provide a brief update of the situation. * Starting on June 27th, Proton Mail started to be hit by sustaine
We’ve always valued our community’s feedback and thrived thanks to your input—whether through our annual survey or your comments on Reddit. Now we want to go a step further and involve the Proton Mail community in the testing of early stage prototype
With Proton Mail version 3.14 we introduce PGP support, which includes import of PGP keys into Proton Mail contacts for encrypted communication with external PGP users, address verification with trusted keys, and several other improvements. PGP SEN