How to access synced folders on the Proton Drive Android app

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The Proton Drive desktop app lets you sync any file from your hard drive to the cloud, which can then be accessed from other Android and Windows devices you have connected to your Proton account. Changes you make in the app will sync to your computer, and vice versa. In this guide, we show you how to access synced folders using the Proton Drive Android app.

How to access synced folders on the Proton Drive Android app

Log in to your Proton Drive Android app and navigate to the Computers tab in the navigation bar at the bottom. This shows you the names of all the computers you have synced to Proton Drive. Simply tap on the names of each computer to access all files synced from that device.

Proton Drive overview of devices

For example, clicking on Eric’s Work Computer shows you the folders that are presently synced from that specific device.

Overview of computer in Proton Drive

You can perform all the usual actions with these files, such as make them available offline, rename, delete, share, etc. These changes will reflect both on the web app and on your desktop device. However, you cannot move files between computers. 

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