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Our 2023 end of year sale is now over. However, you can always get great discounts on Proton plans by choosing a longer-term subscription.

Our 2023 end of year sale

With our end of year sale, you can stay secure and protect your privacy, while also saving money. Purchase one of our Plus plans to get the best experience possible with your favorite Proton app, or get the best of everything we have to offer with one of our great-value Bundle plans. 

Here are the details of our end of year sale for Mail, Drive, and Pass:

Proton Plus plans

Mail Plus: $2.99 per month billed at $35.88 for 12 months, which is 40% off our regular price.

Drive Plus: $2.49 per month billed at $29.88 for 12 months, which is 50% off our regular price.

Pass Plus: $1.99 per month billed at $23.88 for 12 months, which is 60% off our regular price.

Proton Bundle plans

Proton Unlimited: $7.79 per month billed at $93.48 for 12 months, which is 40% off our regular price.

Proton Family: $19.99 per month billed at $239.88 for 12 months, which is 33% off our regular price.

VPN and Pass Bundle: $5.79 per month billed at $86.85 for 15 months, which is 47% off our regular price. 

Proton Visionary: $29.99 per month billed at $359.88 for 12 months.

Learn more about Protons plans

Looking for VPN? See our dedicated VPN deals(new window) on the Proton VPN website.

How to purchase a discounted plan

If you’re new to Proton

If you already use Proton, you can upgrade your subscription using our apps. If not, sign up for an account and open the web app to see all available offers.

Using the Proton Mail, Calendar or Drive web apps

You can upgrade your subscription from Proton Mail(new window), Proton Calendar(new window) or Proton Drive(new window) web apps. 

Sign in a Proton web app and click the Special offer button at the top right of the window. You can then select a plan and proceed to the checkout.

The Special offer button

From promotional emails

Depending on your communication preferences, you may also receive our offers via email. Select a plan in the email to visit our online checkout, where you can enter a payment method and upgrade.

Who can benefit from our end of year promotion?

Anyone who is new to Proton or has a Free plan can take advantage of any of our end of year deals. 

Some of our deals are also available if you already pay for Proton — even if you’ve benefited from an offer in the past. To view which offers you can purchase, simply sign in to and click the Special offer button.

Please note that you are not eligible for these offers if:

  • You canceled an existing subscription a month or less before the promotion started
  • You already subscribed to one of our Black Friday or end of year 2023 offers
  • You have a Mail Essentials, Business or Visionary plan
  • You have paid for your plan via the App Store or Play Store

Can I get a deal this year if I got one last year? 

Yes, but the new plan must be an upgrade from the plan you purchased as part of last year’s Black Friday or end of year promotion.

For example, if you purchased a Mail Plus plan during one of our offers in 2022, you can only purchase a Proton Unlimited, Family, or Visionary plan as part of this year’s end of year promotion.

Payment options

You can pay for your subscription using a Credit or Debit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin. Select your preferred payment method at the checkout page. 

How the discounts are calculated

Discounts are calculated against our standard monthly price. For example, a Proton Mail Plus plan is $4.99/m. The 1-year Mail Plus End of Year deal is $2.99/m, or 40% off (2.99/4.99 – 1).

When will my subscription start?

Your subscription will start immediately when we receive payment. If the new subscription upgrades an existing subscription you have with us, then we will apply prorated credit from your existing subscription to your Proton Account.

Learn more about account credit, proration, and coupons

What happens when my plan runs out? What price will my plan renew at?

If you subscribe to a Proton Unlimited, Proton Family, Mail Plus, Drive Plus, Pass Plus, or Proton Visionary deal, your plan will renew every 12 months at the best rate available at that time. Proton Pass and Proton VPN bundles renew at the standard duration and rate.

Here are the current renewal prices:

  • A one-year Proton Unlimited subscription renews at a discounted annual price of  $119.88.
  • A one-year Proton Family subscription renews at $287.88.
  • A one-year Mail Plus subscription renews at $47.88.
  • A one-year Drive Plus subscription renews at $47.88.
  • A one-year Pass Plus subscription renews at $47.88.
  • A 15-month VPN and Pass bundle renews for one year at $95.88.
  • A one-year Proton Visionary subscription renews at $359.88.

Note that prices are the same in US dollars, Euros, and Swiss francs. Your plan will renew in the currency you first paid with.

When does the end of year sale end?

Our end of year sale ends on January 3 at 09:00 AM UTC.

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