Importing and exporting documents in Docs

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Using Proton Drive

With Docs, you can open and edit Word files stored in your Proton Drive. (We currently support the .docx format). You can also download documents from Docs as .docx, .html, .txt, and .md files.

This article explains how to open documents with Docs in Proton Drive and export them. Learn how to upload documents to Proton Drive here.

Open an existing document in Docs

To open and edit a document in your Proton Drive, select the .docx file and click on the ( ⋮) menu. Then click the Open in Docs option in the dropdown menu.

You will now be able to edit the document within Docs in Proton Drive.

For a detailed rundown of the various editing and formatting options available read our guide to creating and editing documents in Docs.

Another way to edit a document is by double clicking the document in your My files folder.

You will be able to preview the file within Proton Drive and have the option of editing the file by clicking on the Open in Docs button.

Note: When you edit an existing document in Docs, a new copy of the file will be created with the same name (only the format will be different). You can rename this new copy of the file, and it will be saved automatically and visible within My files.

Downloading documents in Docs

You can download documents to your device in various file formats. 

First, click on the Docs icon in the top left corner. Then choose Download from the dropdown options and select your desired format.

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